A Pilot's Pilot
A Pilot's Pilot
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Anonymous asked: Hey I don't want to be annoying but I'm on holiday and I was snapchating my friend and she ignored the last two I sent and they were questions, so I feel really sad because I feel like she's annoyed at me and I can't do anything about it because I'm away and I don't want to be upset and seem ungrateful for my parents :(

I’m sorry for the situation that you’re in. I’d say that the best thing to do is just stay on vacation. While technology is a good thing, it really isn’t the best way to solve a problem, and by no means am I bashing you for trying. But, if you think your friend has a problem with you, I’d wait until after vacation and talk to her face to face. It could be a problem or it may just be that she was busy at the time. Try not to worry about it, just send her a text saying that you can’t wait to see her after vacation and then enjoy the rest of your time with your family.
I hope this helps, please feel free it contact further with anything :) |-/

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While you’re doing fine, there’s some people and I who have a really tough time getting through this life, so excuse us while we sing to the sky.


— Twenty One PIlots, Screen. 

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