A Pilot's Pilot
Do you have an encouraging story about Twenty|One|Pilots that you'd like to share? Send it in mapilotspilot@gmail.com. We post these stories to the site Pilotstories.weebly.com so that other pilots can read them and be encouraged. We also print your stories in a book called "A Pilot's Pilot" and give each edition to Josh and Tyler. We are in the process of printing the 2nd edition and collecting stories for the 3rd edition!
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Tyler and Josh! We can’t wait to see you guys in Philadelphia this Sunday! We have some books that your Skeleton Clique has been working on for the past couple months!!

Skeleton Clique, my Pilot Family,

Great job on the books! You all did such an amazing job writing your stories! It was an honor to collect them in this little masterpiece of a book! There are over 100 pages of your stories and photos in there! you should be proud!

Tweet the guys! tell them to make sure they see #pilotspilot at the show in philly!! We can’t wait to give them your book!!!

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