A Pilot's Pilot
Do you have an encouraging story about Twenty|One|Pilots that you'd like to share? Send it in mapilotspilot@gmail.com. We post these stories to the site Pilotstories.weebly.com so that other pilots can read them and be encouraged. We also print your stories in a book called "A Pilot's Pilot" and give each edition to Josh and Tyler. We are in the process of printing the 2nd edition and collecting stories for the 3rd edition!
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A couple pilots have been asking if “A Pilot’s Pilot” was available, yes, yes they are! We are sorry that we forgot to post about it!!!!

The 1st edition pilot book is ready and you can buy it here!

This January we will be printing the 2nd edition book and we promise to keep you updated on its status!

Also, this means that we ARE CURRENTLY COLLECTING STORIES FOR THE 3RD EDITION! woop! woop! So if you have a story about twenty one pilots, have been encouraged through the boys and their music, have learned a lesson, ANYTHING, write it and send it to - mapilotspilot@gmail.com or http://pilotstories.weebly.com/.If you don’t know who we are, check out the site and get to know us! message us on here, we love talking to you guys! or follow us on twitter @pilotspilot

*we collect your pilot stories and put them on the Pilotstories blog for other to be encouraged and to remind pilots that they are not alone in their struggles. We also print them in these books “A Pilot’s Pilot” and give the to Josh and Tyler.

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